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For a month, Palermo will host a series of outdoor events to celebrate the 100th birthday of the old Don Tano, the famous Sicilian puppet. This festival offers you the opportunity to see him in action at the Antonio Pasqualino Puppet Museum. Hosted by the Italian Museum of Art and Culture and Piazza della Repubblica di Parma, the event is a great example of what to do in the city of Paleri this year to celebrate the centenary of one of Italy's most important cultural institutions.

The streets of Palermo will be filled with the smell of cooked octopus, boiled snail and other delicious foods. During the festival, in the streets of Palersmo, you can find dishes that are part of the popular tradition of the city, such as boiling octopus and boiled snails, as well as a variety of other specialties.

There are a number of parades, festivals and concerts in the cities of Italy and on the island of Sicily. There are special traditions and famous events that take place in Sicily, but most activities focus on the beaches, where many cities organize festivals, parades and fireworks. Classical New Year's concerts are also held in Palermo and many other Italian cities. The city organises a free public party every year on New Year's Eve in front of all public buildings and churches.

The regional, national and international relevance of the festival provides a prominent framework for the entire puppet-playing community and promotes Opera dei Pupi at all levels. The 45th Morgana Festival is therefore the reference theme, the first of its kind in the world and the only one in Sicily and also in Italy.

The focus of this edition is on the 12 companies from all over Sicily that will join the new Opera dei Pupi, which is due to be officially launched in 2018, as well as the first opera of the year.

SelectUSA will host four promotional events of the Investment Summit in Italy from 16 to 18 March 2018, in the cities of Naples, Bologna, Milan and Milan. More than 1,000 investors from Italy and the surrounding region are expected to attend the event in Naples on 16 March. The company is based in Naples, with headquarters in Pescara, Italy's second largest city, with more than 3,500 employees, and representatives of other companies from the region and around the world are expected to attend the event in Milan on 19 March. A large number of investors and entrepreneurs from Naples and the surrounding regions, as well as from abroad, are expected to attend the event in Burgundy on 17 March. An important group of investment bankers and executives from Milan with offices in other cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Asia Pacific and other parts of the world are expected to be represented by SelectUSA representatives from all over the country.

If you are planning a period coinciding with one of these events, you should book your hotel in Palermo in advance. The festival in May is the best way to see a lot at once and enjoy all the cultural events associated with the festival. You will probably notice the Carretto Siciliano (local horse carriages) on your trip to Sicily, but we have selected some of the most important.

Agata is the patron saint of Catania and the festival held in her honour is one of the best in Sicily. Saint Rosalia (also known as La Santuzza or the Little Saint): Every year on January 15th, the Viagrande hosts a festival commemorating the plague of 1624, when Palermo was struck by the plague. The Passeggiata Giganti isbe Messina's greatest occasion for celebration is the annual procession celebrating the life and death of Saint Francis of Assisi and his wife Agata.

It is a rich cultural environment, influenced by Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab influences. Since the Middle Ages, the island has been a centre for art, culture, literature, music, art history and music.

New Year's Eve is a popular holiday in Sicily as in most parts of the world and also one of the most popular holidays.

During the summer season, which runs from the beginning of June to the end of September, Palermo is lively and opens its squares and streets for touring theatres and shows. The season of the Teatro Massimo in Palersmo starts in October and includes a wide variety of musicals, comedies, operas, dramas, operas and dances. It is one of the most popular theatres in the city and the second largest in Italy after the Teatre di San Marco in Rome. In autumn, the Teatro massimo closes for the winter season and continues its regular season in its main theatre, Di Bologna, which has 2,200 seats.

This is one of the most famous festivals in Sicily, where the famous ceramic staircase of Caltagirone is illuminated with lanterns. After reaching the Foro Italico by the sea, the procession starts from the city centre and culminates in a spectacular fireworks display.

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