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Eating in Italy creates images of a long pasta marathon, dozing on a pizza, but you forget that for a moment. Food in Sicily can be as delicious as in the port cities, especially when it comes to the traditional Sicilian breakfast and gelato.

In fact, Palermo has a very large number of bizarre foods, the largest exponent of which is probably the area in the west of the island. Popular street dishes include pani ca meusa and pane con, and there are indeed some incredible foods to try in Palermos, such as grilled fish, ricotta - stuffed pastries, pasta and even a variety of cheeses.

The key factor here is quality, and this small chain is the first for snacks, but for desserts you will also find some of the best gelaterias in Palermo, such as the one that tops our list. Considered one of the best gelateria in Palermo, it is the second best in the city in terms of quality and service, behind only the famous Giorgio.

My favourite taste of gelato in Sicily is pistachio, and my most common gelatine is Café Spinnato in Palermo, the only one of its kind in the city. Gourmets from all over the world are attracted to this place because this amazing pastry is and tastes so authentic. The first meal I sampled at this little gelateria, just a few blocks from Giorgio's, was the classic Sicilian pizza sfincione. I stuck two fingers up in the pink-hued piazza for an epic bite and it turned out to be surprisingly tender, the most unlikely Italian pizza I've ever tasted.

The external influence of Sicilian cuisine is particularly pronounced on the local street food scene, so that the capital of Palermo is named after one of the most popular street food of the city, Della Grazia. While this cuisine is deservedly the focus of my Sicilian stay, I have also worked in many foods - in free cultures. PerciaSacchi is considered by many locals to be the best pizza of all the cities, and those who love pizza will be spoilt for choice in Palersmo. The Italian city offers some of the best pizzas you can find anywhere in the world, which is what you can say for any Italian city.

The food is based on basic Italian products, but by incorporating elements of art and creativity it can be transformed into a work of art, making it one of the best places to taste fine dishes. When you try dishes from Italian restaurants, you will understand the passion for food and experience some of the best restaurants in Palermo. After a delicious Italian meal at the Trattoria Familiare da Michele Jolanda, you can relive the history of the restaurant and enjoy how it became one of the most popular restaurants in Palermos.

Italian restaurants in Palermo, you can be sure they will exceed your expectations and add incredible memories to your trip to Palersmo. If you like to read about your adventures in Palermos, subscribe to La Bella Sorella for more Italian food stories. Italian restaurants and the first edition of the new book "Palermo Italian Food" are now available.

Sicilian street food is very popular in Palermo, and you will not be able to resist the delicious taste. This list does not include all the dishes you might find during your trip to Palersmo; it is a list that any civilised person can live with, but this post contains what you can expect from what is popular throughout Italy, where it is and where it is not, and where the best Italian restaurants are located inPalermos. Sicily was born from Sicily, while Naples also claims to be one of the most famous cities in the world.

Caldume (Italian quarumi, Sicilian) is a dish of veal tripe with vegetables, served as street food in Palermo and Catania. This delicious local dish is usually served in the streets of the city, with a variety of toppings such as garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers and tomatoes. Pani ca Meusa is one of the dishes that should not be forgotten when it comes to Palersmo street food, as it consists of minced veal, lungs, spleen and windpipe cooked and fried in lard. It was first brought to Palermo by Jews during the Second World War, using boiled, roasted, chopped and boiled meat.

This might be a top 10 list for restaurants in Palermo, but when it comes to restaurants, they behave like this. With so many fantastic meals to eat in Sicily, we narrowed the field down to 15 of the best foods you can eat in Palermos before you die. If you are planning a street food adventure in Sicilian, you will find the famous Arancini at the top of the list. Let's say, for the first time in your life, you have to try it yourself.

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