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There are also several parks designed by the French designer Carlos Thays, which inspired him, such as Piazza della Repubblica in Rome and the Palazzo dell'Osservatore. This suite is located on the top floor of the palace and offers a great view of the city and its surroundings. The room is one of the most booked rooms with large windows overlooking the city, gardens and palace.

The most notable highlight is the Recoleta cemetery, which is attached to the church of Pilar and symbolises the heart of the aristocratic Barrio Porteno. The two buildings are connected by underground passages and galleries where international and local artists are exhibited. Around the palace there is a garden that surrounds the grounds of the hotel and extends down to the Posadas building.

The rooms at the Palace are richly decorated and the high ceilings with crystal chandeliers and working fireplaces create a welcoming, warm and glamorous atmosphere. In the Posadas building, the room is modern, with high ceilings, high-quality furniture and an open floor plan.

Every contribution is treated with the utmost respect and reflects our commitment to our guests and property. Guests can rely on our passionate team, who will take care of every detail of an unforgettable event while enjoying the best of both worlds: the comfort and comfort of their own room and the luxury of a luxurious hotel. Every contribution to bookings. Com is a pleasure with our utmost respect and reflects the commitment of all our visitors to the Palace Hotel and its guests.

Employees often wash their hands during their shift, disinfect hard surfaces, spend additional time cleaning in the evening and during the day, and often disinfect hard surfaces. Our event specialists have extensive experience with all types of events and help you choose the details of your meeting. From choosing the first course to choosing the best food and drink for the event, they will help your guests plan all the details for this special occasion.

The lovingly restored palace, built in 1934 by the French architect Leon Dourge, is one of the few surviving palaces that represent the traditional and exclusive Portena aristocracy of the city. The historical atmosphere of our hotel is appreciated and we are able to attract guests from all walks of life, not just old and young.

Argentine cuisine is described as "Spanish and Italian culinary traditions" that stem from the preparation of asado or grilled steak. The country may be famous for its Malbec, one of the most popular wines in the world, but it also has other culinary influences that make it a breath of a melting pot. Argentine barbecues have an adjustable grill and you can adjust the height of your grill surface, so if you have a cowboy steak, for example, you can have it on a flat surface.

In fact, a juicy, high-quality steak between a soft, fluffy baguette is an excellent dish. A grilled pepper, fried eggs and a spicy sauce made from peppers, onions, garlic, coriander, tomatoes and red onions.

Back in Buenos Aires, he bought the plot next to his parents "home, had it built by the French architect Leon Dourge and began building a Louis XVI-style palace called the Palermo Italian Hyatt Hotel (Palermos Italian Hotel) in the city of Recoleta. In the same year, the Rosario Group, together with the Hyatts, began the restoration to revive the traditional history of the iconic palace and to reintegrate it into the daily life of the Recoletsa as it was in its golden age.

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More About Palermo