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With the unconventional means of song lyrics I discovered a whole new world of music and a new way of thinking about music in general.

Sicilian flute music, called friscaletto, is very popular in Sicily, which is one of the liveliest places in the world to visit. Organettos, diatonic folk accordions, are widely used in traditional Sicilian music and the Messina male choir from the Ciarameddi of the island is popular. Sicily is home to many different musical instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello and violin. They are also found in many of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily, such as Palermo, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Naples.

The American musicologist Alan Lomax made historical recordings of the traditional music of Sicily in the 20th century, including the first recording of the "Sicilian Symphony" by the Ciarameddi of Messina, the Messini male choir of Sicily.

His first album, "Terra mia," is characterized by its Neapolitan tradition and blues sound, and contains a song about Naples, which is one of the most famous songs in the history of Neapolitan music. When Pino died in 2015, the song was sung by a large gathering of Napolitanos at his funeral, and it proved to be the most beloved song.

Sicilian dance and singing performed at the Palermo Opera House, one of the most popular venues in the city. This spectacular puppet show is one of the top attractions in Palersmo and locals and visitors come to enjoy and see it.

Alwin's musical friends have come together to share their love of traditional Sicilian choral music. Virginiana Miller is a singer-songwriter whose music is to be inscribed in the alternative rock scene.

The artist's goal is to make pop music dominated by the Afrobeats music of the southern European capital. Sicily has the liveliest jazz scene in Italy, based in Palermo, and includes Enzo Gagliardini, Giancarlo Giorgia and Marco Bocchi, who add native Sicilian and Arab influences to American jazz.

Palermo's theatrical tradition dates back to the visit of Charles V in the 16th century. In the city itself there are dozens of theatres that offer live music. Taormina also has a well-preserved Greek theatre, which regularly hosts a year-round concert in summer. The Italian audience, but the music didn't understand them, and the Italians have to come to Palersmo to see the shows. Thug Money, a group of musicians from Palermo, want their music to gain international traction.

Federico Fellini propagated the image of the capital and Pier Paolo Pasolini cast a ruthless eye on the "Italian underworld." In Palermo, the link between the city's cultural heritage and its cultural identity seems clear.

Half of the participants of the VMC Facilitator Playshop do the Rhythmic Alchemy Playshops in Southern Italy, so that the music is fully present from the very beginning. In Sicily and Milan, the audience is introduced to twelve composers, who in most cases enjoy the same attention to detail as their Palermo counterparts, but with a different style.

Claudia Bucchini and Andrea Zucco, who teach music at a music school in Fiesole, perform on their balcony. In Bologna, the famous city in Emilia, there is a song from Metropolis, which Guccini wrote personally at the time. The neighbours entertain each other with an interpretation of the folk song Volare, while the opera singer Maurizio Marchini sings in Florence.

The capital of Sicily is Palermo, which with 500,000 inhabitants is the largest city in Sicily. It is also the second largest in Italy after Naples, with a population of almost one million.

The area around Palermo is surrounded by a small mountain range named after the city itself, which is an almost natural harbour for the ancient port.

Sicily is also the home of Franco Busacca, a popular musician and composer who has blended rock "n" roll with traditional classical influences, starting with his work with Dario Fo. He worked with many Italian musicians, but he is perhaps best known for setting the standard for Sicilian poets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Although the official language of Sicily is Italian, the Sicilians have their own regional dialect, parrati, a fully developed language with a sheen loosely but not definitively associated with Sicily since the 16th century. The film "The Great Beauty" by Paolo Sorrentino discusses this, and the themes in the text remind me of this. The sentence is also popular on the Internet "Tell us what makes us feel like we are together, even when we were apart," which is discussed in this film by the director and son of the director, the late Paolino Sor Brentino.

The Sicilians are also known for their desserts, which include a variety of fried pastries filled with ricotta and candied fruit.

The other important directors are Gianni Amelio and Roberto Benigni, who won the Oscar for best actor for directing this film. Life is Beautiful, which also won best foreign film and was well received, was critically received.

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