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Local food writer Gina Tringali shares where to find some of the best Italian restaurants in Palermo, Italy's second largest city. This post contains a list of where they are, what to expect from them, where they are and where to look for the best food and drink in the city.

Sicilian dishes, including snacks, pasta, desserts and drinks, and is a favorite for seven weeks in Sicily. Sicily was born in the Middle Ages, while Naples also claims its own history, as the birthplace of many of the dishes popular in Italy.

Vucciria is home to the most famous market in Palermo, but it is very touristy, so it does not matter if you prefer Capo Ballaro. It is also considered one of the best gelaterias in Palermos and is the favorite of many of our friends and family members, as well as many other locals and tourists.

Founded in 1946 and owned by wine connoisseur Giuseppe Lisciandrello, they offer a wide selection of cold meats, stuffed rice balls, pasta, meatballs and other dishes. This restaurant is famous for its Riccici mare Vittorio, a traditional pasta dish from Italy's most famous farm - to - table restaurant. It is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Palermo and offers a very good selection of wines, good food and excellent service.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit this historic confectionery from the 1940s, where Sicilian sweets such as cannoli, cassate and other delicacies are offered. Around the corner, stay a few hours for the best pizza in Palermo and the rest of the time is spent in an osteria, a simple Italian restaurant that serves cheaper traditional dishes. In the heart of the city centre, a short walk from the city centre, this trattoria serves finely prepared Sicilian and Palermo recipes.

This cosy restaurant in the historic centre of Palermo, owned by brothers Andrea and Alberto Rizzo, offers a taste of reworked traditional Sicilian dishes, often refined with specialties from all over the world. It offers an excellent selection of traditional dishes such as pasta, pasta, pizzas and desserts, as well as some of the best pizza.

They are currently offering a seven-night Sicily Food Adventure package, which focuses on a range of food and drink, as well as wine and beer. Get hungry, because they will serve many foods and drinks on their fixed menu, but they are also open for lunch and dinner.

This Michelin-starred restaurant is located near Mondello beach and combines the best of both worlds with its own unique cooking style. Like other Italian family businesses, the interior of the restaurant is filled with images from its past, telling the story of food and love.

The palazzo originally belonged to the writer Giuseppe Tomasi from Lampedusa, who wrote "Leopard," an Italian novel inspired by his great-grandfather. If you can't get enough of how the Palermo Prince lived when the hustle and bustle was good, take a look at how he lived in his palazzos in the early 20th century.

Palermo was founded by the Zoto family and opened in February 2014 and is located at 23 - 92 21. St. It's full of horribly kitschy ceramics, but everything is made by the same craftsmen. The food is based on basic Italian products, but is transformed into works of art by incorporating elements of art and creativity, making it one of the best places to taste fine dishes.

Make sure you order the small corkscrew shaped pasta you find in Sicily and after a few steps to the Duomo, have a drink and finally go to the restaurant Il Giardino degli Aranci. This food market in Palermo is a good stopover if you want to continue your culinary exploration of Italy, starting with a simple but delicious Sicilian salad. Start with the simple and delicious Sicilian salads and then cook them with some of the best olives in the world and a little olive oil.

If you try all the dishes of this Italian restaurant, you will understand the passion for food and experience some of the best restaurants in Palermo. After dining at Trattoria Familiare da Michele and Jolanda, one of the most famous restaurants in Italy, you can relive the history of the restaurant and enjoy how it became a popular restaurant and one of the largest Italian restaurants in Palermos. You can indulge in an incredible variety of delicious pasta dishes while admiring the palace of Count Friedrich, which stands right in front of the restaurants.

Italian restaurants in Palermo, you can be sure they will exceed your expectations and add incredible memories to your trip to Palersmo. Italian restaurants in Palermos that most of us forget during our travels to Italy.

In this article, we pick five of the best restaurants in Palermo, while dining in one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, the city of Palersmo.

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